Digital Performer Technique Articles in Sound on Sound


MayPower Plugs Precision Delay plug-in, Dynamic Equalizer real-world examplesOS10.8, DP8.0

FebruaryDigital Performer 8 64 bit architecture, new plug-in chooser, PunchGuard, PDF manual, dockable Control PanelOS10.8, DP8.0


NovemberBasic Instinct Auto-Record, zoom techniques, UVI workstationOS10.8, DP7.2

JulyWindow Cleaner Consolidated Window, window cell target, mini-menus, popping out cells, capturing and recalling Window Sets, sidebar channel stripsOS10.7, DP7.2

AprilDP8 preview DP on Windows, new features Interface features Track Selectors, ‘swipe’ techniques, half-speed playback, level meter ‘over’ reset, Altiverb 7 and Waves v9 newsOS10.7, DP7.2

JanuaryMachFive v3 Installation plug-in format choice, soundbank location and aliases, 64 bit library handling, multiple outputsOS10.7, DP7.2


OctoberUsing Virtual Instruments Instantiating, controlling latency, DP Pre-gen considerations, processor use strategies, track freezing, troubleshootingOS10.7, DP7.2

JulyAchieve MIDI mastery in DP’s Graphic Editor Opening graphic editor, navigation keyboard commands, note editing, edit grid, data and continuous controller editing, ruler types, Quick Filter, Track Selector List, workaround for key command shortcut with OS X SpacesOS10.6, DP7.2

AprilMIDI Matters Basic MIDI primer, integration with Audio MIDI Setup, track outputs, Multi Record, MIDI Patch-Thru, Input Filter, Patch ListsOS10.6, DP7.2

FebruaryUsing Aux Sends and Returns Efficient effects, Parallel Compression, Stem Mixing, Recording 'wet'OS10.6, DP7.2


DecemberDP7.2 Themes, Range Automation, Contextual menus, DP Control iPhone appOS10.6, DP7.2

OctoberMore DP 7.1 new features Improved MIDI track input behaviour, Track Folder overviews, Opus Locus LC Xview helper application, PSP Vintage Warmer update, MOTU microbookOS10.6, DP7.1

JulyDP Control Surface AC-7 control surface for iOS, updated Merge Soundbites behaviourOS10.6, DP7.1

AprilDP7.1 features Insert Settings, dragging automation data ‘ramps’, using Trim tool on MIDI CC data News Ethno 2 and Z-Box at NAMM 2010, end of DAE support by DigidesignOS10.6, DP7.1

FebruaryDP7 Guitar plug-ins Managing plug-in chains, using clippings to store favourite settings, Custom ’59 and Live Room G tipsOS10.6, DP7


DecemberDP7 recording with guitar using Custom ’59, guitar effects pedal plug-ins, using a Console to operate Wah plug-in using MIDI pedal, split DI/‘live’ mixes with Live Room G, Channel StripsOS10.6, DP7

NovemberAlternative Versions multiple sequences/chunks, alternative mixes using Mix Mode DP7 newsOS10.6, DP6

OctoberNoise reduction clocking, levels, EQ, dynamics (expander, gate), Bias SoundSoap, WaveArts Master Restoration, iZotope RX, Schwa SpectroOS10.5, DP6

SeptemberTime Formats time display, Rulers, Edit Grid, Snap to Grid, Snap to Markers, Snap to Beats, scissors drag over beat-detected audio, Frame RatesOS10.5, DP6

AugustCustomising Digital Performer Default New Sequence, new file templates, appearance preferences, Configure Audio System, Tracks Window columns, Tool and Shortcuts palettes, Auto Scroll, Waveform Display, Background Processing, Edge Edit Copy, Nudge amount, Event Chasing, start-up optionsOS10.5, DP6

JulyMultitrack Comping Comp Tool, Track Groups News BPM, Speakerphone 2, Access Virus TIOS10.5, DP6

JuneSelecting and Locating techniques Dot trick, Marker menu, Markers, Select All & Deselect All, Time Range Selection, Set to Selection Bounds, I-Beam News BPM, Mk3 MOTU audio interfaces, VoltaOS10.5, DP6

MayCD Burning Markers approach, Soundbites approach, Custom pre-gap, Bounce to Disk, CD Text, DitherOS10.5, DP6

MarchFile-format Troubleshooting ProVerb impulse response importing, Nanosampler drag and drop, audio file headers, Convert sample rate, SoundHack, file types, FileType, QuickChange, mp3 Bounce To Disk, LAME, swapping stereo channels, dragging soundbites to track, troubleshooting project files, Load command, plug-in setsOS10.5, DP6

FebruaryGuitar Recording Methods acoustic guitar plug-in settings, stereo width control, electric guitar amped, and with DP-hosted effects, Buffer Size, latency, Input Monitoring Mode, Audio Patch Thru, phase issues with DI and effects in parallel, third party guitar plug-ins (Studio Devil, iZotope Trash, Waves GTR, IK Amplitube) Clippings for storing plug-in combinations, re-ampingOS10.5, DP6

JanuaryDP6: More New Features improved Audio Unit hosting, MAS format plug-ins discussion, ProVerb, third party impulse responses, virtual guitar instruments (Applied Acoustics Strum Acoustic, MusicLab RealStrat and RealGuitar)OS10.6, DP6


DecemberPlug-in Management Preferences window Audio Plug-Ins pane, plug-in sets, pre-generation and pre-rendering tips, DP6 new feature primer part 2 (editing window shortcuts, Automation Snapshot, V-Racks, Markers menu, Chunk navigation), CueMix FXOS10.5, DP6

OctoberDigital Performer 6 Upgrade Guide new look, BWF and AIFF file formats, equivalents between DP5 and DP6 features, Consolidated Window, Tab Bars, Sidebar cells, Track Selector, Comping News Altiverb update, Ohmforce, UVI WorkstationOS10.5, DP6

SeptemberMemory Cycle & Loops activating, setting Memory Cycle start and end points, F1 and F2 shortcuts, POLAR, Overdub mode, Spot Erase News DP6, Waves v6, UVI WorkstationOS10.5, DP5.1

AugustLooping Techniques Loop tool, Repeat command, Paste Repeat, Merge Repeat, infinite loops Algorithmic Reverbs round-up Apple Matrix Reverb, Freeverb, Ambience, PSP EasyVerb, RaySpace, IK CSR, WaveArts MasterVerb, Sony Oxford Reverb, Nomad Factory BlueVerb, Waves Trueverb, Waves Renaissance ReverberatorOS10.5, DP5.1

JulyDrum Editor creating patterns, adding pitches, programming, editing, analogue sequencer-style techniques, Rhythm Brush, saving Rhythm Brush patterns, Choke Groups, velocity editingOS10.5, DP5.1

JuneAudio Production Tricks - ear candy techniques, EQ effects, Quan Jr and degrade plug-ins, iZotope Vinyl, Pattern Gate, Multimode Filter automation, Soundbite triggering with Nanosampler, off-line plug-in techniques, Reverse plug-in, Audiodamage Replicant, vinyl 'brake' technique, Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Pro, CueMix Console 'Mix1 Return Includes Computer Output' option, MDSP LiveCut, Audiodamage Vapor, Cycling 74 Hipno, dfx Transverb, PSP Nitro & PSP84, Audioease RiverRun, iZotope Trash, Audioease Speakerphone, MadShifta, Ohmforce HematohmOS10.5, DP5.1

MayFocusrite Liquid Mix general tips for use News AudioFinder update, iZotope RXOS10.5, DP5.1

AprilDP6 Feature Preview News from NAMM etc News 828 Mk3 and CueMixFX, Audioease Snapper, AudioFinderOS10.5, DP5.1

MarchInput Monitoring Reason and DP via Rewire, Aux tracks, Audio tracks, zero-latency hardware monitoring, techniques for dealing with latency Preparing tracks for CD burning Bounce To Disk discussion, file formats, Roxio Jam, Apple WaveBurner, DSP Quattro, Bias Peak Pro, Sonic Studio PreMaster CD, Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor Network Audio Pete Townshend‘s recommendation of Soundfly network audio utility, Cycling 74 SoundflowerOS10.5, DP5.1

FebruaryComplex Monitoring Techniques emulating old-school analogue desk techniques for creating multiple headphone mixes separate from control room mix, routing metronome click News Audioease SpeakerphoneOS10.5, DP5.1

JanuaryEffective Monitor Mixing typical small studio and 'single room' monitoring techniques, Audio Patch Thru modes, Direct Hardware Playthrough, combining software and hardware monitoring News MOTU drivers with OS10.5, Waves v5.9.7OS10.5, DP5.1


DecemberUsing DP with Reason basic technique, approaches to mixing, automation, fix for unwanted MIDI continuous controller data interactionOS10.5, DP5.1

NovemberMachFive2 and DPOS10.4, DP5.1

OctoberManaging Audio Plug-ins formats, OS X plug-in folders, Audio Unit Info Cache, AU examination, plug-in submenus News MachFive 2, WaveArts Master RestorationOS10.4, DP5.1

SeptemberAudio Regions and CD Creation: part 2 multi-region SD2 files, using markers to set track boundaries, SD2 compatible CD burning applications News V3HD interface, PSP Audioware updates Tips Track Selector List, Smooth Scrolling, Consolidated Window focusOS10.4, DP5.1

AugustCD Creation: part 1 - Preparing Tracks for CD Burning mastering in DP, Time Formats and controlling track timing, tone and level control, Dither, audio exporting, CD burning applications News DP5.12 updateOS10.4, DP5.1

JuneUsing Real-time MIDI Plug-ins Quantize plug-in, Change Velocity plug-in, Arpeggiator plug-in, Tips absent virtual instruments, silent scrubbing and audio ‘previews’ Compact Control Surfaces Contour Shuttle Pro, Frontier Tranzport, Frontier Alphatrack, Presonus Faderport News Waves WUP policyOS10.4, DP5.1

MayUnderstanding Dither basic concepts, implementation in DP, Bounce To Disk, Master Fader technique, Audio menu command, Dither plug-ins (Quan Jr, MasterWorks Limiter, Waves L1/L2/L3, WaveArts FinalPlug, iZotope Ozone 3 News Plasq Wormhole and RaxOS10.4, DP5.1

AprilAudio Networking Plasq Wormhole, establishing network audio link in OS 10.4 Remote Control VNC, Vine Server, Chicken of the VNC, Real VNC, firewalls News PSP Audioware updates, Gmedia synthsOS10.4, DP5.1

MarchMIDI Networking computer control, MIDI connections, audio connections, using an additional Mac as a soft synth ‘slave’, Audio MIDI Setup Network Setup, Teleport, Rax, FXpansion VST to Audio Unit Adapter, networking multiple Macs, Firewire and Airport News Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard, Altiverb XLOS10.4, DP5.1

FebruaryIntel Macs with DP5 Configure Hardware Driver dialog box, OS X aggregate device solution, updating Bundles PlugSound Pro similarities with MOTU’s own extra cost instruments MIDI KeysOS10.4, DP5.1

JanuaryAudio Editing Secrets Trim Tool, Scissors Tool including slicing using Edit Grid and Beat Grid, Soundbite layering, Nudge command and Set Nudge Amount Zoom Shortcuts, Zoom Tool, Zoom Back command, Zoom history, track height techniques Tips Reassign command for laptop use, auditioning soundbites, Heal Separation, dot-Return trick News VST-AU AdaptorOS10.4, DP5.1


DecemberAudio Editing Essentials Selecting, deselecting, moving, duplicating and throwing Soundbites, applying and adjust Fades, Fade dialog box, Edge-editing, Edge Edit Copy status, Bite Volume and Bite Gain News Black Lion Audio modificationsOS10.4, DP5.1

NovemberDP Metronome Click Features Click sounds, MIDI and visual clicks, complex click patterns, configuring click changes in the Conductor Track Soundbite GainOS10.4, DP5.1

OctoberDP5.1 Universal Binary drivers, interfaces, LAME Framework for mp3 encoding, partner applications, round-up of compatible plug-ins Crash Protection trashing preference files, force audio unit examinationOS10.4, DP5.1

SeptemberPatch and Sample Management with DP’s bundled instruments Modulo patches, other instruments, sample locations for Model 12 and NanosamplerOS10.4, DP5

AugustBundled Synths in DP5 Bassline, Polysynth, Proton, Modulo, Nanosampler, Model 12 Input Monitoring Input Monitoring mode, Audio Patch Thru, Input Monitor button, Audio Patch Thru modesOS10.4, DP5

JulyWhat’s New in DP5 Improved audio configuration settings, pre-rendering, Track Enable button, virtual instrument multi-output bundles Track Folders creating, namingOS10.4, DP5

JuneEffective Mixdown with Digital Performer Mixing Board, Track Selector list, Setting number of inserts and sends, narrow view, submixing and groups with Aux tracks and busses, sharing a single effect amongst many tracks via sends, track groups for manipulating multiple faders with the mouse, essential mix plug-insOS10.4, DP4.6

MayAdvanced Tempo and Beat Control Record Beats workflow for audio and MIDI, pitfalls and tips, time signature considerations, ‘liquid audio’ via Soundbite beat structureOS10.4, DP4.6

AprilAchieving Flexible Tempo Conductor Track, adjusting tempo for song sections, graphic editing with pencil tool, gradual slow-downs and speed-ups, Adjust Beats workflow, snapping DP5 feature previewOS10.4, DP4.6

MarchQuantising simple techniques, input quantize, shuffle, swing, preserving feel and humanisation techniques, Smart Quantize, other data (markers, controllers, soundbites, beats within soundbites), grid quantize, Realtime QuantizeOS10.4, DP4.6

FebruaryPlug-in Effects Tips Pumping compression, band-limited keying, side-chain keying, selective delays, reverse reverb, Plate, Pattern GateOS10.4, DP4.6

JanuaryMaking the most of bundled plug-ins side-chains, MIDI side-chains, Multimode Filter, Ring Modulator, Trim Third-party plug-ins Audioease Nautilus, Rocket Science and RiverrunOS10.4, DP4.6


DecemberUsing Digital Performer with External Hardware Monitoring, Input Monitoring mode, hardware synths, external effectsOS10.4, DP4.6

November (tips)Reason/Rewire parameter problemOS10.4, DP4.6

November (tech)V-RacksOS10.4, DP4.6

October (tips)Firewire interface whistling problem, Symphonic InstrumentOS10.4, DP4.6

October (tech)Pitch Automation Basics, simple tuning corrections, effects, segments, double-tracking and backing vocalsOS10.4, DP4.6

September (tips)Synful Orchestra, Powered Processing options UAD-1, Powercore, Waves APAOS10.4, DP4.5

September (tech)Making the most of DP - efficiency, old Macs etc RAM, Energy Saver, unneeded processes, track freezing, DP setup, sensible plug-in use, recording ‘wet’, offline effect, sharing plug-ins using Auxes, VI tipsOS10.4, DP4.5

August (tips)DVD Authoring OS10.4, DP4.5

August (tech)Practical Groove Quanisation Applying, creating, applying to audio, comparing grooves
NB. This article was written by Andrea Pejrolo - it remains the only Performer Notes not written by me.
OS10.4, DP4.5

July (tips)OS 10.4 Tiger and DPOS10.4, DP4.5

July (tech)Creative Shortcuts Memory Cycle, creative pasting and merging, Clippings, POLAR, generating new material using Transpose, Harmonize, Echo, ArpeggiatorOS10.4, DP4.5

June (tips)Reason 3, iZotopeOS10.3, DP4.5

June (tech)Automation Basic concepts, Mixing Board, automation modes, graphical editing in Sequence Editor, plug-in automation, snapshots, MIDI track automation, OS10.3, DP4.5

MayEQ MasterWorks EQ, response curves Keyboard Shortcuts transport, dot trick for wiper location, windows, tools, editing modifiersOS10.3, DP4.5

AprilFuture Features and Tempo Analysis tempo maps, identifying suitable tracks, typical scenarios, finding beats, analyse soundbite tempoOS10.3, DP4.5

MarchCreate Soundbites from Beats Reasons for splitting soundbites into beat-length segments, smooth edits, tempo analysis, applying groove from audio file to other tracks DP4.52 update featuresOS10.3, DP4.5

FebruaryBeat Detection basic concepts, enabling beat detection, settings, practical applicationsOS10.3, DP4.5

JanuaryDP: New Ways to Work (v4.5) Latency compensation, Consolidated Window, Aux architectureOS10.3, DP4.5