- a resource for Digital Performer users

Ladies and gents, I’m sorry to say I’m giving notice that won’t exist much longer.

I established it some years ago when it looked like the Digital Performer technique column in Sound on Sound, which I’d written since 2001, was coming to an end. I imagined this website would become an index of all the existing articles, and maybe also a place where I’d post new ones in an independent capacity. But thankfully the SOS column didn’t get cancelled, and I’ve every reason it’ll be with us into the foreseeable future. Also,, not to mention Google, has a fine search function all of its own. So this little site, which hasn’t been very busy of late, and which I haven’t updated since 2013 (sorry) is surplus to requirements.

Thanks for the interest from all the DP users that have stopped by here over the years. RB